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Peering Policy

New peers are always welcome.

Currently only wireguard, gre/plain, vxlan tunnels are permitted.

Inactive peers may be removed after a certain amount of time.

Excessive amount of transit traffic is not allowed.

Jerry Network has two kinds of nodes (see node info below), one with open peering policy and the other with selective peering policy. Peering with selective nodes requires additional steps of validation.

To establish a peer with me, send an email to [email protected].

The following information is required:

  • Your ASN (DN42)
  • One of my two asns of your choice (4242423618 / 4201270006)
  • The node you would like to peer
  • Your wireguard public key
  • Your tunnel link addresses
  • Your tunnel endpoint (optional)
  • Your tunnel mtu (optional, default 1420)

Our forwarding plane support both IPv4 (,, and IPv6 (fd00::/8). Control plane (bird2) has the following capabilities enabled: multiprotocol IPv4/IPv6 unicast, extended nexthop (RFC 5549) and extended message (RFC 8654).

We are in favor of multiprotocol bgp sessions via IPv6 link local with extended nexthop enabled (BGP unnumbered). However, other configurations are also acceptable. Peers with no public endpoints are welcome, just a note that you may want to set the persistent-keepalive attribute of your wireguard tunnel to a reasonable value.

Node information
LocationSan Jose, CA, USA
Peering PolicyOpen
Tunnel<port> *
DN42 address172.20.51.112
NeoNetwork address10.127.8.208
LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Peering PolicyOpen
Tunnel<port> *
DN42 address172.20.51.120
NeoNetwork address10.127.8.216
LocationHong Kong, China
Peering PolicySelective
Tunnel Endpointhidden
DN42 address172.20.51.98
NeoNetwork address10.127.8.194
LocationHong Kong, China
Peering PolicySelective
Tunnel Endpointhidden
DN42 address172.20.51.100
NeoNetwork address10.127.8.196
LocationShanghai, China
Peering PolicySelective
Tunnel Endpointhidden
DN42 address172.20.51.99
NeoNetwork address10.127.8.195
LocationTokyo, Japan
Peering PolicySelective
Tunnel Endpointhidden
DN42 address172.20.51.97
NeoNetwork address10.127.8.193

* Wireguard endpoint ports are dynamically assigned.

Unique Wireguard Keypairs are generated for every peer.

IPv6 link local address defaults to fe80::3618/64

BGP Communities

The following well-known BGP communities are supported:

Community  DescriptionAction
(65535:65281)No ExportPrefix should not be exported outside of the AS
(65535:65282)No AdvertisePrefix should not be exported to any peers
(65535:666)BlackholePrefix is blackholed and should not be exported outside of the AS

The following DN42 communities are supported:

(64511:0<x<21)Max latency
(64511:20<x<30)Min bandwidth
(64511:30<x<35)Min encryption
(64511:40<x<54)Route Origin

The following large communities are used:

Large CommunityDescription
(4242423618:120:x)On which node the route is received
(4242423618:140:x)In which region the route is received
Same format as (64511:40<x<54)
(4242423618:160:x)In which country the route is received
Same format as (64511:1000<x<2000)

Routing Policy

Jerry Network implements a series of import filters which alters local_pref for better route selection around the globe. Since this method relies heavily on region communities, routes without the correct communities are almost not optimized. We strongly recommend all of our peers to adopt those bgp communities for better network performance.

When several routes are available to a single destination, the following mechanism is used to determine which one is the best.

  • When the AS path length is smaller than 14, add (2 – pathlen // 2) to the local_pref
  • When a route with a path len bigger than 1 has a latency community (64511:1) to (64511:9) as (64511:x), subtract (x-1) from the local_pref
  • When a route with a path len bigger than 1 has a unencrypted tunnel community (64511:31) or (64511:32), subtract 1 from the local_pref
  • When a route is originated in a certain region, and learned on one of my nodes in that same region, add 2 to the local_pref
  • When a route is originated in a certain country, and the current node is in that same country, add 2 to the local_pref
  • When a route has a originate region, add a certain number (from 0 to 20) to the local_pref, that number reflects the typical latency from the current router to the destination region.

Note that if a route has no region communities, the last three rules are not invoked.

Routes inside the same region are always preferred, even if a much longer AS path is observed.


NeoNetwork Root DNS

  • fd10:127:ffff:53::
  • root-dns.neo

NeoNetwork Anycast DNS

  • fd10:127:53:53::
  • dns.neo

Telegram Mtproto Proxy

Openttd Server

  • ttd.jerry.dn42
  • ttd.jerry.neo

Supertuxkart Server

  • stk.jerry.dn42:2759
  • stk.jerry.neo:2759

Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server 2

  • jerry.dn42
  • jerry.neo

Looking Glass

Network Map

Live Radio

Highlight: live radio over sip phone, with DTMF player control and volume control


  • pbx.jerry.dn42:5060
  • pbx.jerry.neo:5060

Plain sip without authentication and encryption. You may want to call sip:[email protected]:5060 or sip:[email protected]:5060 first for a interactive voice menu.

Highlight: dn42 whois service over telephone, conference room, live radio, dialup service.


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